MT Promoter (Metallothionein enhancing program)
This product and program was developed and is used by Pfeiffer Treatment Center for detoxification - William Walsh, Ph.D. last updated 8.25.05

Pfeiffer Treatment Center has been around a long time and specializes in correcting chemical imbalances with nutritional supplements. This is the link to their web site:

The copper/zinc imbalance is sort of Pfeiffer's specialty. They have found a common characteristic of people with an 'autism spectrum' condition, as well as related conditions have elevated copper and low zinc. Copper and zinc are supposed to be in balance with each in the body. Too high of one and too low of the other one can cause problems.

Zinc is important for the immune system as well as intestinal integrity among other things. When zinc is low, it is hard to fight off illnesses and maintain health. Prolonged illness also drains zinc (an unfortunate cycle). Low zinc also stresses the gut and can lead to digestive problems as well as 'leaky gut.' And of course, poor digestion and damaged absorption can reduce how much zinc is actually digested and used by the body.

Copper is a heavy metal and while a little copper is needed for optimal health, too much is toxic. So given this situation, it would seem the thing to do would be to supplement zinc really quickly. However, Pfeiffer has found this may not work. Here is the explanation why supplementing with zinc, too much too fast, can actually cause more zinc deficiency or adverse results.

Sometimes there is high copper/low zinc and you supplement with zinc and the zinc gets lower, even along with copper going lower.

It can happen if you are low in functioning metallothionein, the protein that binds up metals and removes them from the body. It may work on other toxins too. This protein is often referred to as MT for short. The idea is that if MT is low, then metals cannot be removed as quickly as needed. This may lead to higher copper levels. So the idea is to get MT levels up to help bring copper (or other metals or toxins) down. MT needs 7 molecules of zinc to 'activate' and capture some metals/toxins. If zinc is low, it is hard to get MT functioning well.

Let's say you start giving zinc which activates some MT. Let's say the MT grabs some copper. So when you supplement with too much zinc too fast, you fill up the MT you have. Well, the MT then leaves the body with the copper it grabbed along with the 7 molecules of zinc - or at least a chunk of them. So now you are deficient 7 zincs although you did get out some copper at the same time.

You give more zinc, more MT is made, takes more zincs, MT is activated, it grabs more copper and leaves the body taking the toxin and all the zincs along with it. The MT may not exclusively grab the zinc from the supplement you take. It might take some from the supplement source and the rest from other places in your body. If you were sort of deficient anyway and the MT is soaking up all the zinc, you become more deficient even though you supplement. The MT is soaking the zincs up even though it is also removing some of the copper or whatever toxin.

Even if all the zinc is taken from the supplement source, then the zinc isn't available for the other pathways in your body that require zinc. You are supplementing lots of zinc, but the test results come up lower than before.

This is why Pfeiffer came up with the zinc-loading phase of their MT promotor protocol. And this is why Dr. Walsh, head of Pfeiffer, strongly recommends that the MT promotor program be done while working with a medical specialist. He said that the zinc-loading phase is definitely the trickier part. He said that when just staff tried supplementing right off with just zinc, some of them quickly incurred zinc deficiency symptoms. The staff didn't have an autism spectrum condition or pyrolurria either (pyrolurria is a metabolic condition where zinc is used improperly). The solution was to go lower and slower with the zinc, slowly increasing it (oh, there is the low-n-slow method again --- an example of natural detoxification).

Also, there were a half dozen supplements that Walsh said to avoid specifically in the very beginning. The supplements to avoid are the ones that promote MT formation (theses are added later in the MT Promotor stage but initially they feel avoiding these will keep the MT from forming too quickly and draining off the zinc being supplemented and producing negatives overall).

Zinc Picolinate
P-5-P (a form of B6)
Magnesium Gluconate
Magnesium Ascorbate
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
Vitamins C & E

...and these amino acids....
Aspartic Acid
Glutamic Acid

Pfeiffer has been working on this several years and constantly refine and update their program. They have about as good a success rate as any other program, and better than most, for detoxification of toxic metals. Initial test results are showing younger children respond better than other children (over 5 years old). Older people are responding but improvements are lower and taking longer.

You don't have to be a patient of Pfeiffer to use their compounding place. Information here:

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