Low-chemical Cleaners and Cosmetics
last updated 8.25.05

Reducing the 'total load' of external chemicals may be very helpful for a person with high sensitivities or trying to recover from a serious illness. Below are some references to more all-natural, lower-chemical cleaning and body care products that individuals have used and liked. It is not a complete list, but rather a starting point to get someone started.

Aubrey Organics
An awesome line of body care products that are nearly entirely free of common chemical additives that can aggravate certain conditions. A good resource for those with chemical sensitivities. These products perform well, a good value for the money, and 'average' people recommend them for routine use. The site has informative articles and information as well.

Mrs. Meyers
There is a store locator on the home page.

Miracle Products

call 1-877-829-1222

Method cleaning products
sold at some Target stores

Seventh Generation

Certified organic makeup from ONE Group out of Australia. 

Extensive range of certified organic skin, body, hair, oral and health care products (note: MLM business structure).

Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals
Cosmetics focusing on natural minerals to help the skin without many of the commonly used chemicals. Minerals are inert and therefore do not support bacteria life so preservatives are usually unnecessary.

The Dermstore has a large selection

You can also search online or in stores for other mineral-based product lines (some are listed below). Different lines have various degrees of chemicals and/or artificial additives. Bare Minerals is one of the 'purest' lines. These are available online, in some stores, and offered by some dermatologists.

m.d. Formulations http://www.bareescentuals.com
Aromaleigh http://www.aromaleigh.com/
Jane Iredale www.janeiredale.com/
Mineral Treasures (has inexpensive samples) http://www.mineraltreasures.net/

A Few Short Articles on Mineral Makeup





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