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The following is a list of companies for vitamin/mineral supplements which are used by one or more families also using enzymes and considered reputable and ethical. Some people forwarded the specific products they used and some offered comments about these companies or certain products, although there are usually more products available. As of this moment, these links all work (11/02). There are many other vendors and brands besides these listed here.

last updated 8.25.05

Companies specializing in enzyme supplements:

• available online or in natural/health food stores
• extensive line of different targeted enzyme formulations
• a practitioner's line called Theramedix

Enzyme Essentials
• available online only
• variety of enzymes combined with other herbs and items

Enzymes, Inc.

Transformation Enzymes
• a practitioner's line only, partnered with Enzyme Essentials for retail products

• very good blend of animal-pancreatic/plant enzymes (almost entirely proteases)
• older extensively researched product
• available online or in health food stores

Companies providing supplements besides enzymes:

VRP (Vitamin Research Products)
• wide variety of supplements
• products are researched, science-based
• offer monthly discounts
• site has library of research articles and commentaries
• can sign up for a monthly newsletter

Thropps Nutrition
• some specific supplements
• good enzyme product for SCD or those wanting a broad-spectrum product with higher lipase for higher fat diets (Ultra-zyme Plus)

Beyond a Century
Beyond a century: HC
76 Box 200 Greenville ME 04441-9705 Toll Free 800-777-1324 Fax 207-695-2492
• MSM lotion, SAMe
• looks like they have many resonably priced products.


Brainchild Nutritionals
• Small company, small number of super-high-quality vitamin/mineral supplements
• Met the owner, Michael Lange and was very impressed
• has excellent liquid multi-vitamin/minerals
• has a unique Minerals Only product with a nice profile not commonly found
• has a liquid cal/mag that has a faint lemon-lime taste; is liquid and optimized for very sensitive children, particularly those exhibiting AD(H)D and autism spectrum or gastrointenstinal problems.
• has liquid ALA, zinc, and a few products approved for SCDiet
• all products appropriate for Feingold Program

40 East Scranton ▪ P.O. Box 88 ▪ Lake Bluff, IL 60044
Phone: 847-295-0748
• Can-Aware contains 200mg powdered carnosine, as well as powdered Vitamin E (25 IU) and powdered Zinc (2.5 mg)

E-lyte Incorporated
• Pathway's Carnosine

Emersons Ecologics
Nature's Plus
• Animal Parade chewable calcium

Freeda Vitamins
• many supplements free of many allergens, chemicals, and artificial substances
• good for extremely sensitive people

Garden of Life
• whole-food based supplements, free of many allergens, chemicals, and artificial substances

Houston Nutraceuticals
• available online, specializes in a product for gluten/casein

Klaire Labs
• specializes in probiotics
• has a broad-spectrum, DPP IV product without fruity enzymes

Life Extension Foundation

Needs Inc.
(800)634-1380 Fax: (315)488 6336
• sells vitamins &supplements for less then retail.
(e.g SerenAid for $38.93 vs. $51.90 @Klaire labs website)

New Beginnings (division of Great Plains Laboratories)
• nutritional supplements such as enzymes, vitamins, nutrition, fish oil, yeast, probiotics, amino acids, a few foods and body products
• geared for highly sensitive people

Nordic Naturals
• orange flavored CLO
• specializes in essential fatty acids; excellent product oils
• a few other places offer Nordic Naturals along with their product lines (such as Brainchild Nutritionals)

Omega Nutrition
• specializes in essential fatty acids

Progressive Labs

• multivitamins

• calcium/magnesuim liquid. in mint or strawberry flavours
• probiotics

Solaray brand
• at the health food store, reasonably priced, good quality
• Other gfcf parents told me to try their products. I've used all the basics - calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, etc
• some children not tolerating other brands have done well with Solaray

Stay Leaner


Twin labs
• animal friends multi vitamin
• a search will show many suppliers online
• in health food stores, wide variety of supplements

• Carries MANY brands of supps at reduced prices - be sure to order the ones you trust

Vitamin World

Web vitamins

Pharmacy Compounding Specialists who will compound nutritional supplements for you: Pathway
5415 W. Cedar Lane Bethesda, MD 20814
(301)530-1112 (800)869-9160 Fax: (301)493-2671
Pharmacy in Maryland compounds prescribed nutritional programs from a variety of pure vitamins, minerals, glandular and amino acids. The can put the proper dose of B6 with magnesium and DMG in a liquid form and ship it to your home. <> This is the pharmacy half of The Apothecary.

Specialty Pharmacy:
Pharmacy Compounding Specialists 825 E. Strawbridge Avenue Melbourne, FL 32901
407-953-2004, 800-499-7517 Fax 407-953-2808 Tom and Barbara Switzler

Willner Chemists
• anything you could want by mail great phone customer support

Food Retailers

Wild Oats
Whole Foods
*TMG and some really interesting "Brain" combos

Natural Foods Distributors

A-1 International
L&H Vitamins
Natural Foods in Canada
North East Cooperative
U.S. Health Distributors



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This independent site is for education and information about digestive enzymes. There is a large need to provide practical and general information on enzyme therapy for a wide range of uses.

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